Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raining, where?

Drip. Drip.
Rolling clouds.
Fearsome lightning.
Roaring thunder.
Splashing raindrops.
Grieving clouds.
Grey and gloomy.
Raining out there.

Sniff. Sniff.
Inner unrest.
Heaving heart.
Despairing breath.
Drooping eyes.
Bitter lips.
Grey and gloomy.
Raining in here.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

chaos and peace

in chaos I found peace,
now in peace I find chaos.

rushed every morning
like my life depended on it
(and indeed it did)
got crushed in the crowd
used to say,
it helped me keep fit!
it was 'chaos'
perfumes and fish,
all rolled into one
one characteristic smell
it was 'chaos'
smiles and frowns
on the same face, at once.

then, in that 'chaos'
I found my peace.
in my crowd
I found solace.
(but I guess I didn't know it then)

felt the world rush by.
every morning,
thought today i die.
in the mess of my life
there lurked a certain order.

then I quit.
left in search of peace.
in search of solace.
the very things that ran up to me
I deciede to run up to them.

now I do not rush.
I do not run.
there is no crowd.
no need to frown.

the beautiful order I got,
I managed to mess.
in the peace i bought,
I managed to get 'chaos'.

Monday, January 15, 2007

there are a million people
in the town
a million guys fighting
for the crown
people rise and people fall
but i'm the worst fool
among them all.

there are fools with luck
and fools that suck
but i am the real sitting-duck

there are fools with glam
and all things sham
but me, i am not worth a damn

why am i the worst fool?

there are people who get cheated
and also mistreated
but how many like all that repeated?

i am the worst fool.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


seeing in colours, only black and grey
and a distant red, so far away
just a speck, just a point, just a li'l dot
an innocent face tucked safe in a wallet
in a corner where dirty hands don't stray.

the wind whispers no answers
the leaves don't shake with glee
they just drop dead and they crumble
under heavy feet, with no plea.

heal my mind
i see only in black and gray
this autumn's so stuck in my head
this autumn's gonna leave me dead
heal my mind.

there are couples around, and kids at play
when they open their mouths, no words they say
empty bubbles, misty breaths,
petty squabbles, teary wreaths, living deaths
the grass, the flowers, all life is grey.

heal my mind
i see only in black and gray
this autumn's so stuck in my head
this autumn's gonna leave me dead
heal my mind.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

will speak, or won't?
will hear or won't?
why should i worry?
shouldn't care
can't care
cos here is the silence
here, within
and that is the truth
here it is
here within.

will meet or won't?
will be or won't?
why should it matter?
shouldn't matter
doesn't matter
cos here is the emptiness
here, within
and that is the truth
here it is
here within.

will live?
will die?
no cares, no wares
the path lies ahead
the creepy garden path
walk along
walk alone
what cares?
who cares?
cos it here
the path
here it is
here within
the path.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm so happy
cos today i found my friends
they're in m y head
I'm so ugly
but thats okay, cos so are you
we broke our mirrors
sunday morning
is everyday for all i care, and I'm not sure
light my candles,
in a daze
cos i found God
i like it,
i m not gonna crack.
[nirvana - lithium]

Monday, September 18, 2006


Am floating around
Far away from the ground
No baby of the earth
On the ninth cloud
I see the space
I see the oceans
I see the stars
I see a million suns

Like a satellite
I belong to the space
I'm a satellite
All day, all night
In an endless chase.

My vision goes far
I see worlds at war
I see darkness and light
With my electronic eyes
I see clouds beneath
I hold the waves
And toss them back
O baby, they're my slaves.

Am a satellite
I belong to no man
Am a satellite
In full flight
Run on my own plan

No earth, no moon,
I play my own tune
You cannot touch me
Try as hard as you might
Am a world of my own

Satellite. Yes.